Wasn't a fighter 'til somebody told me

I had better learn to lean into the punch

So I don't hurt as bad when they leave

There you were, turning your cheek

I look at you and you look at a screen

I'm in the back seat of my body

I'm just steering my life in the video game

Similar accent, a different name

It's a slow down

So would you teach me I'm the villain

Aren't I, aren't I the one?

Constantly repenting for a difficult mind

Push me down into the water like a sinner

Hold me under and I'll never come up again

I'll just stay down

It's a half-life

It's a fallout

It takes so long for me to settle down

And when I finally do there's no one else around

So I stay down

So I stay down

So I stay down

So I stay down

So I stay down

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