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In My Penny's

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Right, right, right, right, ayy, yeah

(Right, right, yeah, yeah)

And they told me, uh

(Ayy, and these niggas can't tell me)

And they told me

(And these niggas can't tell me nothing)

Niggas can't tell me, uh

Ayy, I'ma change this world, let me spark my weed

I'm a blessing to the dirt, let me drop my seed

'Member smoking on my lonely, tryna live too fast

I got homies in the pen that regret they past

Back when you copped your first hammer with the tape on the grip

Bragging 'bout the lil' weed you was not gon' flip

I was dying when you told me 'bout the hoes you was fucking

Turned my head the other way, you got a baby today

But know that even last place see the finish line

This that doing your homework right before dinnertime

This that cleaning off your shoes for the first day of school

'Cause your daddy lost his job just a week ago

They don't see it, but you do

Dreams stretching from here to Venus 'cause you seen that

Them streets really be sweeping niggas that's your color like

Your blood and your brother

My grandmama told me stay up out them streets, nigga

And if you hungry, know you got a place to eat, nigga

And if you wrong, you better stare back and see, nigga

Ain't you human?

'Cause Lord knows we all make mistakes

Like it's a reason that he saw the pearly gates

Early long way, I'm just saying that we all got vices

God know that I ain't perfect, but least I'm trying

And I'll be damned if I get caught up in that life

Steady starving every night just to cover all these bills

Like what a nigga gotta do for a meal?

Nowadays, just to be, you need a million

And your homies gotta eat when they meal come

So when I get it, I'ma come back, fast with you

When I was lil', mama always used to pass wisdom

So therefore I'm never focused on the past, nigga

So make it last, nigga (Ayy, ayy)

Just make it last, nigga (And these niggas can't tell me nothing)

Yeah, uh, ayy, just make it last, just make it last, nigga

(Niggas can't tell me nothing)

Uh, ayy, know what I'm saying

(And my momma told me that these niggas can't tell me nothing)

Uh, I shine, uh (Niggas can't tell me nothing)

Right, right, right (Niggas can't tell me nothing)

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know (These niggas can't tell)

Uh, ayy (These niggas can't tell me nothing)

Ayy, I'm a nigga to the end, you know my mama know that

Call my granny when I can, I'm just tryna wash my hands

Show my heart to you to live and learn where I stand

The candle shining bright, but burn a whole in your hand

My mama told me dream 'til them street lights hit

'Cause when you grow to be a man, you can't think like this

I learned to understand all my problems on my head

Pray I see the homies every time I lay to rest

But if I don't, them my life on the line 'til I'm dead

It's for the broke, I'ma keep this shit alive "cause we can

I be broke, really tryna tell y'all how it feel

And if I fold, uh, I never fold

(I never fold) And if I fold, I never fold

Guess I'll be home, huh, I never fold

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, I never fold

Yeah, I never fold, oh no

You have a good one

And make a chance to call your grandmother back

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