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Almir Guineto

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Camarão Que Dorme a Onda Leva Zeca Pagodinho, Dudu Nobre, Mumuzinho, Djavan 02:48
Conselho Almir Guineto 03:19
Insensato Destino Zeca Pagodinho, Almir Guineto 03:48
Mordomia Almir Guineto 03:27
Insensato Destino Almir Guineto 04:09
Caxambu Almir Guineto 04:23
Mel Na Boca Almir Guineto 04:36
Conselho Almir Guineto 04:00
Lama Nas Ruas Almir Guineto 05:06
Viola De Maçaranduba / Mocotó Com Pimenta / Medley Dudu Nobre, Almir Guineto 04:02

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Mel Na Boca
Pra Não Deixar Morrer Um Grande Amor

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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 12, 1946, samba legend Almir de Souza Serra was better known by the name Almir Guineto. The singer, songwriter and instrumentalist was a pioneer in the samba and pagoda (a Rio de Janeiro-based sub-genre of samba) genres. Guineto is also credited with introducing the banjo to samba music. While he is known for his recordings and performances, he’s also well-known for his songwriting. He began his career in samba groups like Fundo de Quintal and Originais do Sama before he transitioned into a solo career. His debut solo album, O Suburbano, was released in 1981 and featured one of his most beloved tracks, “Saco Bheio”. One of his most popular albums was his self-titled release from 1986, which featured the popular opening track "Caxambú". Some of Guineto’s other hits included “Conselho", "Insensato Destino", and "Rendição". His songs have been covered by many artist including Beth Carvello, who adored Guineto’s songwriting skills. Almir Guineto died on May 5, 2017 of diabetes and kidney problems.