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Kana Nishino

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Style. Kana Nishino 04:04
Missing You Kana Nishino 05:37
Best Friend Kana Nishino 05:21
Aitakute Aitakute Kana Nishino 04:42
If Kana Nishino 04:42
Story Kana Nishino 04:00
Still Love You Kana Nishino 04:05
Torisetsu Kana Nishino 04:19
Anatano Sukina Tokoro Kana Nishino 04:43
Darling Kana Nishino 04:14

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Kana Nishino is a J-pop singer. She studied English at university and after visiting the US developed a love of R&B. Following success in the Miss Phoenix music contest in 2005 she made her recording debut in 2008 with the single 'I', a Japanese translation of the single 'I Don't Wanna Know' by Australian duo Nervo.

Her 2008 single 'Style' was used in the anime series 'Soul Eater' and 2009's 'Make Up' was used in the anime version of the BBC TV series 'Bootleg'. Her fifth single was 'Tokutemo' featuring Wise.

Her debut album was 'Love One' in 2009, featuring her earlier singles. Her best-known songs include 'Torisetsu' and 'Bedtime Story.'

She has released several albums since 'Love One', all featuring 'Love' in the title, including 'With Love' (2014), 'Just Love' (2016) and 'Love It' (2017). She celebrated ten years of music-making in 2018.

In 2019 after a series of concerts at the Yokohama Arena she announced that she was taking a temporary break from music.