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Temporal Hungria Hip Hop 04:37
Amor e Fé Hungria Hip Hop 05:22
Cruzeiro da Revoada Hungria Hip Hop, MC Ryan SP 03:42
Insônia 2 Tribo da Periferia, Hungria Hip Hop, MC Ryan SP 04:27
Um Pedido Hungria Hip Hop 03:31
Outro Patamar Hungria Hip Hop, Mc Lipi 03:45
Lembranças Hungria Hip Hop 04:30
Favela No Topo Hungria Hip Hop, Kawe, NOG 04:22
Pisando Na Lua Hungria Hip Hop 04:06
Um Brinde pra Nós Hungria Hip Hop, Mc Lipi, DJ GM 02:57

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Hungria Hip Hop is a Hungarian rapper and composer who stormed his way to success in Latin America with tracks 'Cama de Casal', 'Carruagem' and 'Zorro do Asfalto'. Born Gustavo da Hungria Neves in Ceilândia, Brasilia got an early start making music when he began composing at the age of eight. By 13, encouraged by both his brother and producer Kruel, he had put out his first track 'Hoje Tá Embaçado' and quickly racked up 120,000 views.

For a while he performed alongside Chacall and Wlad Borges in the group Sentinela, but it was short-lived and the trio split following a fall-out. Following the split, Hungria returned to his solo work with the release of 'Sai Do Meu Pé' in April 2013. A follow-up in 2014, 'Cama De Casal', quickly reached a mainstream audience thanks to its launch on late night talk show 'The Noite Com Danilo Gentili' and in September of that year he followed it up with his first EP 'O Playbou Rodou' which included a collaboration with the group Tribo Da Periferia.

By 2019 Gustavo had cemented his place in the Latin American rap scene, with 6.3 million YouTube subscribers, 1.4 billion views and upwards of 4.2 million followers on both Facebook and Instagram.