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Howard Shore

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Top músicas do artista

Concerning Hobbits Howard Shore 02:55
The Houses of Healing (feat. Liv Tyler) Howard Shore, Liv Tyler 02:58
Evenstar Howard Shore, Isabel Bayrakdarian 03:15
The Shire Howard Shore 02:29
The Council of Elrond (feat. "Aniron") [Theme for Aragorn and Arwen] Howard Shore, Enya 03:49
The Breaking of the Fellowship (feat. "In Dreams") Howard Shore, Edward Ross 07:20
The Prophecy Howard Shore 03:55
The Ring Goes South Howard Shore 02:03
One of the Dúnedain / "Evenstar" (feat. Isabel Bayrakdarian) Howard Shore, Isabel Bayrakdarian 07:13
The Bridge of Khazad Dum Howard Shore 05:57

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