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Set do G15 - A Revoada Começou MC G15, Mc Davi, Mc Pedrinho, MC Ryan SP 09:02
SET Charles Do Bronx Mc IG, Mc Davi, Mc Pedrinho, Mc Menor da Vg 11:27
Bipolar Mc Davi, Mc Pedrinho, Mc Don Juan, DJ 900 04:36
4M Vibes Mc IG, MC PH, Mc Pedrinho, Mc Davi 07:03
Set do Jotta - Vida de Filme MC JottaPê, Mc Davi, Mc Pedrinho, Mc IG 07:28
Bololô Mc Pedrinho, Xand Avião, DG e Batidão Stronda 02:51
LOUCA Mc Kevinho, Mc Pedrinho 02:22
Tequila Dj GBR, Mc Pedrinho, Mc Davi 02:39
Indecente DENNIS, Mc Pedrinho 02:25

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Like many of his contemporaries, Brazilian funk artist MC Pedrinho was the target of censorship due to the explicit content of his lyrics. Born Pedro Maia Tempester on May 3, 2002, in São Paulo, he began singing at the age of 8 and made his official debut three years later with the raunchy hit single “Dom Dom Dom,” recorded in collaboration with MC Livinho. The track’s overtly sexual references and the fact that MC Pedrinho was only 11 at the time sparked controversy among prosecutors, who tried to ban it from national radio. This led the funkeiro to release a cleaner version, which omitted any and all obscene references from the lyrics. Throughout 2015, MC Pedrinho released songs such as “Hit do Verão” and "Geometria da Putaria,” which continued elevating his profile. But his career would continue to garner controversy after prosecutor Luciano Tonet attempted to have his concert in the city of Fortaleza canceled due to the lewd lyrical content of MC Pedrinho’s songs. In 2020, MC Pedrinho released the 7-song collection El Pedrito. MC Pedrinho’s career would take a considerable leap in 2021 when he released the single “Bipolar,” a collaboration with MC Davi and MC Don Juan, which quickly racked up hundreds of millions of streams across various platforms.