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Los Hermanos

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Anna Júlia Los Hermanos 03:32
Sentimental Los Hermanos 05:09
Último Romance Los Hermanos 04:23
O Vento Los Hermanos 03:33
A Flor Los Hermanos 03:27
Quem Sabe Los Hermanos 02:32
O Vencedor Los Hermanos 03:20
Primavera Los Hermanos 04:22
Morena Los Hermanos 02:58
O Velho e o Moço Los Hermanos 04:03

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Tenha Dó
Anna Júlia
Quem Sabe

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Los Hermanos are a Brazilian alternative rock band whose style embraces música popular brasileira (MPB), as well as samba, folk and jazz. They were founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1997 by singer and guitarist Marcelo Camelo, singer and guitarist Rodrigo Amarante, keyboard player Bruno Medina, drummer Rodrigo Barba and bass player Patrick Laplan, who left in 2001. They made several albums and appeared at musical festivals until 2007 when they took a break. They have rejoined a few times since then for concerts, the most recent in Brazil in 2015. Their releases include an eponymous album in 1999, 'Bloco do Eu Sozinho' (2001), 'Quatro' (2005) and 'Los Hermanos na Fundicao Progresso' (2008).