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What Went Down



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What Went Down Foals 05:00
Mountain at My Gates Foals 04:04
Birch Tree Foals 04:21
Give It All Foals 04:47
Albatross Foals 05:23
Snake Oil Foals 04:21
Night Swimmers Foals 04:44
London Thunder Foals 04:14
Lonely Hunter Foals 04:37
A Knife in the Ocean Foals 06:52
Rain (B-Side) Foals 03:24
Daffodils (B-Side) Foals 03:34
London Thunder (CCTV Sessions) Foals 05:14
Albatross (CCTV Sessions) Foals 06:06
Lonely Hunter (CCTV Sessions) Foals 05:28
Snake Oil (CCTV Sessions) Foals 05:02
Give It All (Poolside Sessions) Foals 05:41
London Thunder (Poolside Sessions) Foals 04:49

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