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The Chrysalis Years Anthology



Hör das Album The Chrysalis Years Anthology von Ramones


I Believe in Miracles Ramones 03:18
Zero Zero UFO Ramones 02:25
Don't Bust My Chops Ramones 02:28
Punishment Fits the Crime Ramones 03:05
All Screwed Up Ramones 03:58
Palisades Park Ramones 02:19
Pet Sematary Ramones 03:29
Learn to Listen Ramones 01:50
Can't Get You Outta My Mind Ramones 03:21
Ignorance Is Bliss Ramones 02:37
Come Back, Baby Ramones 03:58
Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) Ramones 02:09
Journey to the Center of the Mind Ramones 02:52
Substitute Ramones 03:14
Out of Time Ramones 02:41
The Shape of Things to Come Ramones 01:46
Somebody to Love Ramones 02:31
When I Was Young Ramones 03:15
7 and 7 Is Ramones 01:50
My Back Pages Ramones 02:27

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