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Fire Within (Deluxe)



Hör das Album Fire Within (Deluxe) von Birdy


Wings Birdy 04:12
Heart of Gold Birdy 03:34
Light Me Up Birdy 04:15
Words as Weapons (Single Version) Birdy 03:41
All You Never Say Birdy 04:38
Strange Birds Birdy 03:03
Maybe Birdy 03:15
No Angel Birdy 04:03
All About You Birdy 04:37
Standing in the Way of the Light Birdy 04:04
Shine Birdy 04:04
The Same Birdy 03:29
Dream Birdy 01:52
Older Birdy 03:57
Home Birdy 03:36
Words as Weapons Birdy 03:59

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