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MISA MISA! Corpse, Scarlxrd, Kordhell 01:25
Always Want Me DVRST, Scarlxrd 02:10
LIKE YXU WXULD KNXW (AUTUMN TREES) Kordhell, Scarlxrd, Corpse 03:30
I'M THE DEVIL Kordhell, Scarlxrd 02:00
LIKE YXU WXULD KNXW (AUTUMN TREES) Kordhell, Scarlxrd, Corpse 03:56
Mercy Killing Pendulum, Scarlxrd 03:49
Rage (feat. Scarlxrd, Samplifire) Kayzo, SampliFire, Scarlxrd, Darko US 04:15
маг Ghostemane, Scarlxrd 02:40
I FEEL ALIVE Kordhell, Scarlxrd 02:02
MISS ME? Kordhell, Scarlxrd 02:13

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Jaroměř, Czech Republic

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Marius Listhrop spent his early career as a YouTuber known as Mazzi Maz. He posted videos and vlogs from his bedroom with a friendly, upbeat persona which he completely changed when he switched to pursuing his rap career. He spent 2013-14 performing in a comedy/music tour with his friends, fellow YouTubers Sam Pepper and Caspar Lee, but after admitting that he felt his time doing this had been unsatisfying, he formed nu-metal band Myth City in 2015 and became their lead vocalist. This did not last long, and Listhrop re-invented himself as Sacrlxrd in 2016 with his debut single 'Girlfriend' and removed all Mazzi Maz videos from YouTube at the same time.

Scarlxrd's output was prolific, with several mixtape albums released, beginning with the self-titled album '?????' (2016) for which he stylised his name in Japanese characters. He continued to be heavily influenced by Japanese culture, particularly animé, and began wearing a surgical face mask to perform, inspired by Japanese manga Tokyo Ghoul. Four more mixtape releases followed, all substituting the letter o with an x wherever there was one in the title, eg 'Rxse' (2016) and 'Chaxsthexry' (2017). His first full length studio album 'Dxxm' was released in 2018 on the label Island Records. This was followed in 2019 by the albums 'Infinity' and 'Immxrtalisatixn'. His songs have brought an extremely large following online, with his single 'Heart Attack' (2017) achieving over 67 million views on YouTube and 42 million streams elsewhere online. It has achieved a platinum certificate for sales, as has the single 'Chain$aw' (2017). Other popular singles include 'King, Scar' (2017), '6 Feet' (2017) and 'Head Gxne' (2019).