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Believe in Myself (From "Fairy Tail") Amalee 03:21
Jingo Jungle (From "Saga of Tanya the Evil") Amalee 03:45
Masayume Chasing (From "Fairy Tail") Amalee 03:35
Cruel Angel's Thesis (From "Neon Genesis Evangelion") Amalee 04:00
Voracity (From "Overlord III") Amalee 03:46
RISE (from "League of Legends") Amalee, Erica Lindbeck 03:11
No.7 (from "Toilet-bound Hanako-kun") Amalee, NateWantsToBattle 03:38
L.L.L. (From "Overlord") Amalee 03:30
Unravel (From "Tokyo Ghoul") Amalee 03:55
Database (From “Log Horizon”) Amalee, NateWantsToBattle, Shawn Christmas 03:54

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Born Amanda Lee Wai-man on October 4, 1970 in Hong Kong – with her ancestral hometown in Sanshui (三水) district, Foshan, China – multi-talented Cantopop star Amanda Lee is famed both for her acting and singing chops,  accruing a raft of albums and notching up movie credits beginning in the 1990s. She cut her teeth as a member of girl group Echo in 1989, before venturing out alone in 1993 and becoming a successful solo artist in her own right. Her debut album arrived in 1994 with its follow-up, Secret, landing the following year. Amanda Lee's notable album for Polydor Records, Zhen Jin Dian – which contained the singles "Xiang Al Mei Yao Qing," "Xin Tao Hui Yi" and "Ta Zai Wu Ding Chang De" – was released in 2001 and took her fame to new heights. She has also appeared in numerous movies as an actress, in parallel to her singing career, and her filmography includes celebrated roles in Happy Family (2002), Ronin Boys (2005), 2006 Hong Kong drama Cocktail and 2015 black comedy An Inspector Calls. In recent years, 2018 saw the release of her Nostalgia V album and in 2021 her "Unconditional" single.