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gorit DOROFEEVA 03:01
Думи Артем Пивоваров, DOROFEEVA 02:45
gorit DOROFEEVA 02:56
Щоб не було DOROFEEVA 01:50
vecherinka DOROFEEVA 03:27
raznotsvetnaya DOROFEEVA 03:05
Я твоя не первая DOROFEEVA 02:40
вотсап DOROFEEVA 02:49
Почему DOROFEEVA 02:09
різнокольорова DOROFEEVA 03:06

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Nadya Dorofeeva (born on April  21st, 1990 in Simferopol, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian pop singer, fashion designer, blogger, actress, and former member of the pop duo, "Time and Glass"(Время и Стекло). As a child she won international singing and dance competitions in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Hungary. She was a finalist on the TV project, "Chance" in 2005. In July 2015, she married Ukrainian pop singer Volodymyr Dantes and in February 2016 she  launched her clothing line, "It's My DoDo". In 2018 Nadya and her colleague Oleksii Zavhorodnii voiced the heroes of the Ukrainian animation film – "The Stolen Princess". On November 20th, 2020, she released her first song as DOROFEEVA titled "Gorit." The video gained more than 2 million views within the first two weeks of release. Following "Gorit," she released two more singles and an EP.