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The City Gates Jeremy Soule 03:46
Around the Fire Jeremy Soule 03:09
Far Horizons Jeremy Soule 05:31
From Past to Present Jeremy Soule 05:04
Harvest Dawn Jeremy Soule 02:51
Unbroken Road Jeremy Soule 06:24
A Winter's Tale Jeremy Soule 03:19
The Bannered Mare Jeremy Soule 02:28
Tundra Jeremy Soule 03:49
Sunrise of Flutes Jeremy Soule 02:56

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From Past to Present
Unbroken Road

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Born in Keokuk, Iowa on December 19, 1975, Jeremy Soule is a pianist and composer best-known for his work on video game, television, and film soundtracks. Inspired by classical music since he was a child, he studied piano, composition and arranging so that he could write his own sheet music. In 1994, he was hired by the Japanese firm Square to compose the soundtrack for the video game Secret of Evermore (1995). He then moved over to Humongous Entertainment and composed the music for Total Annihilation (1997), which won several awards. With his brother Julian Soule, he co-founded the production company Soule Media, later renamed Artistry Entertainment before settling on DirectSong in 2005. Jeremy Soule's many video game compositions include the multi-volume series Icewind Dale (2000-2001), Harry Potter (2001-2005), Star Wars (2002-2003), Dungeon Siege (2002-2005), Guild Wars (2005-2012), Company of Heroes (2006), Supreme Commander (2007), The Elder Scrolls (2002-2014) and Consortium (2014-2018). Jeremy Soule has also composed music for cinema, theater and television productions including the TV movie Florence Nightingale (2008) and documentaries such as Ice on Fire (2019). In 2017, he released his first solo ambient album, The Northerner Diaries. Over the course of his career, Jeremy Soule received many honors including a BAFTA Award (2003), an MTV Video Music Award (2006), as well as the ASCAP Award and three other awards in 2012 for the music for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Global Music Award, Game Audio Network Guild and British Classic FM).