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Complicated Alexander Oscar, Svea 03:06
Get 2 Love Amber Van Day, Alexander Oscar 02:43
Someone Else Alexander Oscar 03:47
Complicated Alexander Oscar, Svea, Faustix 02:27
Bad Intentions Alexander Oscar 02:37
Planet (feat. Alexander Oscar) Hayes, Alexander Oscar 02:51
Light Me Up Alexander Oscar 03:07
One More Dance Alexander Oscar 03:01
Somebody New Faustix, Alexander Oscar 03:10
Chemistry Alexander Oscar 03:08

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Danish singer-songwriter Alexander Oscar originally planned to have a career as a professional handball player, but after injuring his shoulder at the age of 13, he decided to concentrate on music instead. He posted videos online from an early age and was spotted by producers Remee and Chief1 who helped him to establish his early music career. He began releasing singles while still at school, leading to poor attendance. Although tempted to leave school early, he stayed and graduated, releasing his first single 'Ocean View' in 2017, quickly reaching over 1.5 million streams online. In the same year, Oscar featured on the track 'Somebody New' by Faustix, which was streamed more than eight million times.

It was Oscar's second single 'Number' in 2018 that became an even bigger hit, reaching number 12 in the Danish Singles Chart and number one in the Danish Airplay Chart. It has had more than 17 million streams and has reached Gold certification for number of sales. His renowned star quality and soulful pop voice led him to be signed by Sony in October 2018 and the singles 'Coffee Table' and 'Question Mark' were released in the same year. His first album 'Highs and Lows', released in early 2019, included all his previously released singles plus the new track 'Complicated', a duet with Swedish R&B artist SVEA.