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Buttercup Jack Stauber 03:28
Oh Klahoma Jack Stauber 03:05
Dead Weight Jack Stauber 03:06
Dog Nightmare Jack Stauber 02:55
Small World Jack Stauber 03:06
John & Nancy Jack Stauber 03:31
I Love You Verne Troyer Jack Stauber 03:06
Pad Thai Jack Stauber 02:44
My Plea Jack Stauber 02:56
Gettin' My Mom On Jack Stauber 02:09

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Oh Klahoma
I Love You Verne Troyer
Koi Boy

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Jack Stauber – born April 6, 1996, in McKean, Pennsylvania – is a musician, producer, animator, and social media star known for his eclectic and humorous videos and songs, some of which have become viral sensations. Influenced by both music and animation as a child, he approached both mediums with an equal amount of enthusiasm. His music career began in 2012 when he released a series of digital singles including “Help You,” “Lines,” “Summer Sickness,” and “Times.” At the age of 16, he issued his debut album, Finite Form, which was followed two years later by Viator (2015). Jack Stauber became a viral sensation in 2017 with the release of the song “Buttercup,” which was used by users of several social media platforms and became enormously popular on streaming platforms. “Buttercup” has been streamed more than 350 million times in the first five years of its release. The track was lifted from his third album, Pop Food (2017), which also included his next viral hit, “Oh Klahoma.” His unique approach to animation earned him a spot on Cartoon Network’s nighttime program Adult Swim, where he created several popular shorts and musical programs including Shop: A Pop Opera. His next album, HiLo (2018), was his last to be released before he began recording under the moniker Jack Stauber’s Micropop. This musical project released the albums Micropop (2019), Shop: A Pop Opera (2020), and Jack Stauber’s OPAL soundtrack (2020). Jack Stauber’s Micropop also released a series of popular singles including “Cheeseburger Family” (2018), “Baby Hotline” (2019), and “Dinner Is Not Over” (2020).