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Fresh off the UFO Lil Double 0 01:55
U Sellin Dope (with Future) Lil Double 0, Future 03:01
Been Solid Lil Double 0 02:26
Good On Love (with Future) Lil Double 0, Future 03:20
OOH OKAY Lil Double 0 03:26
Meet The Walkers 2 (With Nardo Wick) Lil Double 0, Nardo Wick 03:06
Gucci Mane Lil Double 0 02:27
Pussy and Drank (with Lil Uzi Vert) Lil Double 0, Lil Uzi Vert 02:32
Mo Money Lil Double 0 01:59
G6 Pt 2 Lil Double 0 02:18

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Walk Down World

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Lil Double O – born Tyreke Rieco Rodgers III in Memphis, Tennessee on December 7, 2001 – is a rapper best known for his 2021 album Walk Down World, which has been streamed several million times on social media. As a youth, he was more interested in a basketball career than music, but after a close friend was sent to prison and another friend was murdered, he changed his focus to rap and hip-hop. At the age of 18, he began releasing singles – including “Living” and “007” – and mixtapes including 4K (2020), 223 (2020), and Slimin’ 4K Beatz (2020). His popularity caught the attention of several record labels and high-profile rap artists including Future. In 2021, Lil Double O released the mixtape Walk Down Gang and the single “U Selling Dope” (featuring Future), both of which earned him millions of streams on social media. His next release, Walk Down World, was released in 2022 and featured the single “Good On Love,” which was another collaboration with his mentor Future.