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Crank The Heat Municipal Waste 02:42
Demoralizer Municipal Waste 02:55
Barreled Rage Municipal Waste 02:22
Electrified Brain Municipal Waste 02:45
Grave Dive Municipal Waste 02:31
Restless And Wicked Municipal Waste 02:24
Ten Cent Beer Night Municipal Waste 02:15
High Speed Steel Municipal Waste 02:31
Last Crawl Municipal Waste 02:28
Set to Destruct Municipal Waste 02:01

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Electrified Brain

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Municipal Waste, the metal band from Virgina, belong to a sub genre known as 'party thrash', a catch-all term given to loud, good-time metal bands such as Suicidal Tendencies, Nuclear Assault and Attitude Adjustment. After promoting themselves on 'splits' - record releases which combine tracks from more than one artist in a bid to save costs and gain exposure to wider audiences - the band toured throughout the US and Mexico in 2001 to 2002.

After some adjustments to the original line-up the band signed a deal with UK grindcore specialists Earache Records and released their second album 'Hazardous Mutation'. The album's subject matter deals primarily with zombies, partying and other monsters and the accompanying live DVD shows the band in typical live-show mode using a variety of gimmicks to entertain the audience. These include wearing shark costumes, encouraging the audience to crowd surf off a trampoline situated on the stage and giving away free beer.

The band have built up a loyal following in Europe and have garnered strong support from within the specialists music press such as Big Cheese and Kerrang. Their sixth studio album, 'Slime and Punishment', was released in 2017.