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The Realist ONF 04:00
Popping (Live) ONF 03:26
Beautiful Beautiful ONF 03:10
Whistle ONF 03:13
Ugly Dance ONF 03:18
Trip Advisor ONF 03:28
My Genesis (Übermensch) ONF 03:11
All Day ONF 03:15
Goosebumps ONF 03:05
Complete ONF 03:06

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ONF is a South Korean-Japanese K-Pop boy band put together by WM Entertainment in 2017. The group is composed of two teams: the ON team (Hyojin, E-Tion, and MK), the OFF team (J-Us, Wyatt, and U), and Laun, which is a member of both teams. They made their official debut with the EP ON/OFF (2017), which peaked at Number 9 on South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart. Following the release of You Complete Me (2018), their second EP, ONF made their debut in Japan, playing a sold-out show at Tokyo’s Minavi BLITZ Asaka that same year. In 2019, they released We Must Love, their most mature-sounding material, heavily influenced by EDM and dance-pop. Spearheaded by the singles “We Must Love” and “Yayaya,” the EP stayed at Number 5 on the Gaon Album Chart and took them on a tour throughout Hong Kong and Taipei. More success ensued with the Go Live EP, also released in 2019, which was the first of their albums to chart outside of South Korea, making it to Number 38 on Japan’s Oricon Albums Chart. After Laun’s departure, the group participated in the TV reality competition Road to Kingdom in 2020, finishing as runner-ups and releasing the single “New World,” which entered the K-Pop Hot 100 at Number 97.