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The Show Steve Aoki, JJ Lin 03:27
Castle In The Air JJ Lin 03:51
Liv' a Little JJ Lin 03:24
Happily, Painfully After JJ Lin 03:59
Bloom JJ Lin 03:53
Satisfaction JJ Lin 03:17
JJ20 JJ Lin 03:44
One Last Thing JJ Lin 04:09
Braindance JJ Lin 03:50
Self Portrait JJ Lin 03:46

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A Golden Melody Award-winning Mandopop singer, JJ Lin was born as Wayne Lim Junjie in Singapore on March 27, 1981. His parents were Minnan, and he grew up speaking the native Hokkien dialect as well as Mandarin, English, and Cantonese. His debut album, Music Voyager, was released in 2003 and earned the 23 year-old JJ Lin a Golden Melody Award for "Best New Artist" one year later. He maintained a prolific release schedule throughout the remainder of the decade, releasing annual albums like 2004's Haven, 2005's No. 98757, 2006's Can Cao, 2007's Westside, and 2008's Sixology. Meanwhile, he made his acting debut in Legend of the Sea, a 2007 film whose theme song was both composed and performed by JJ Lin, and wrote songs for dozens of other artists. 2010's She Says initiated a new decade of activity, while 2013's Stories Untold helped JJ Lin earn the Golden Melody Award for "Best Mandarin Male Singer" in 2014. Two years later, he won the award once again, this time thanks to the hit Mandopop album From M.E. to Myself. While serving as a judge on the singing show Sound of My Dream during the final stretch of the 2010s, JJ Lin released albums like Message in a Bottle (2017), Drifter (2020), and Like You Do (2021).