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Demain demain Blick Bassy, Mathieu Boogaerts, Philippe Campion, Cats on Trees 03:32
Woñi Blick Bassy 02:57
Kaät - A COLORS SHOW Blick Bassy, Roseaux 03:44
Ngwa Blick Bassy 04:42
Hémle Blick Bassy 02:57
Mpodol Blick Bassy 03:16
Mama Blick Bassy 02:04
One Last Time Trio SR9, Blick Bassy 03:47
Ngui Yi Blick Bassy 03:15
Aké Blick Bassy 03:33

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Blick Bassy at Le Centquatre-Paris (April 20, 2023)
Paris, France

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Born in 1974 in Cameroon, singer
and songwriter Blick Bassy started singing at a very young age, and first
gained seasoning as a performer as part of the band Macase. He relocated to France
in the first decade of the 21st century, made the first steps toward
a solo career, and released his solo debut, Léman, in 2009. Hongo
appeared two years later. Both of them captured his unique mix of
jazz, blues, and traditional African music giving a musical bed to lyrics
written and sung in the language Bassa. He scored an international breakthrough
when a snippet from the song “Kiki”, which appeared on his 2015 album Akö,
was used in a television advertising campaign for the iPhone 6. In 2020 he
released the album 1958, a politically pointed work dedicated to Ruben Um
Nyobé, a politician
who fought for Cameroon’s independence before being killed in the year that gave
the album its title.