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Introduction: Mazurka
Compositions For Guitar And Trumpet, Landscapes: No. 1, Hajnal
Compositions For Guitar And Trumpet, Landscapes: No. 2, Gond Nélkül
Compositions For Guitar And Trumpet, Landscapes: No. 3, Alkony

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When the Hungarian-born guitarist Ferenc Snétberger relocated to Berlin in 1987 at the age of 30 it marked the dawn of a new era for his distinctive style of jazz guitar playing, a style which drew heavily upon the ethnic gypsy influences which had been a significant part of his life since growing up in the small town of Salgótarján in Hungary. The move to Berlin provided Snétberger with the opportunity to enrol at the highly respected Bela Bartók Jazz Conservatory in Budapest and study music in a more formalised environment.

His studies at the Conservatory broadened his musical horizons and helped him develop a more structured approach to his music. He is an artist who constantly makes reference to his musical roots in his recorded work and this blend of traditional influences with jazz is at the core of his compositions. Snétberger skilfully weaves these traditional rhythms and progressions into his writing and the end result has been some truly memorable jazz performances across his 25-year career as a recording artist. He is the founder of the Snétberger Music Talent Center, an organisation which provides help and mentoring for disadvanted children, particularly those of Romani and Sinti origin.