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Ahora Quien Chico Trujillo 04:56
Loca Chico Trujillo 03:07
Lamento Borincano Chico Trujillo, La Dame Blanche 04:35
Conductor Chico Trujillo 02:51
Medallita Chico Trujillo 04:30
Fuera De Mi Vida Chico Trujillo 02:53
Calientame La Sopa Con Un Hueso Chico Trujillo 02:33
Cabildo Chico Trujillo 04:24
Pájaro Zinzontle Dj Cumbia 03:38
Los nervios que te di Chico Trujillo featuring Kevin Johansen 03:54

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Formed in 1999 in Villa Alemana, Chile, Chico Trujillo are the leaders of the Nueva Cumbia Chilena movement which combines cumbia with hints of ska, reggae, and rock music. The group was founded by lead singer Aldo Enrique Asenjo Cubillos (aka Macha), who was originally a member of La Floripondio. After touring in Europe, Aldo Enrique Asenjo Cubillos was inspired to create a new form of cumbia and began jamming with his friend and fellow musician Antonio Orellana. Over time, the duo grew into an ensemble – consisting of up to 11 members - and they released their debut album, Chico Trujillo y la Señora Imaginación, in 2001. Touring in Chile, the US, and elsewhere, Chico Trujillo performed to audiences big and small at festivals, clubs, and universities. The group’s subsequent albums included Cumbia Chilombiana (2003), Plato Único Bailable (2008), Chico de Oro (2009), El Gran Pecador (2012), and Mambo Mundial (2019). The group’s most well-known tracks include “El Conductor” (2006), “Regresa” (2006), “Loca” (2008), and “Gran Pecador” (2009).