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Lost You in a Second The Baboon Show, Björn Dixgård 04:55
Gold The Baboon Show 03:33
Radio Rebelde The Baboon Show 03:27
Me, Myself and I The Baboon Show 03:22
Made Up My Mind The Baboon Show 02:58
Same Old Story The Baboon Show 04:00
Oddball The Baboon Show 02:50
Rolling The Baboon Show 03:27
God Bless You All The Baboon Show 02:57
Groundhog Day The Baboon Show 03:15

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Vocalist Cecilia Boström, bassist Helen Lindberg, drummer Niclas Svensson, and guitarist Håkan Sörle formed The Baboon Show in 2003. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the punk band combined sociopolitical lyrics with a melodic, guitar-driven sound that saluted iconic groups from the late-1970s, including The Ramones, Blondie, Buzzcocks, and Dead Kennedys. The Baboon Show debuted with a self-released EP, This Is It!, in 2004, then signed with the Swedish label National. With the label's help, the group released a full-length debut album entitled Don't Don't Don't in October 2005, followed by Pep Talk in 2006, Betsy's Revenge in 2007, and Punk Rock Harbour in 2010. Lindberg left the band's lineup shortly before Punk Rock Harbour's release and was temporarily replaced by bassist Lisa Bünger, who also performed on 2013's People's Republic of the Baboon Show Formerly Known as Sweden. Frida Ståhl replaced Bünger after the album's release, and this new incarnation of The Baboon Show released albums like 2014's Damnation, 2016's The World Is Bigger Than You, 2018's Radio Rebelde, and 2023's God Bless You. Both Radio Rebelde and God Bless You reached the Top 40 in Sweden, with Radio Rebelde peaking at Number 36 and God Bless You hitting Number 15.