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Nowhere Warm Kate Havnevik 04:59
Hallucinating Beauty Schiller, Kate Havnevik 06:35
Grace Kate Havnevik 03:41
Kaleidoscope Kate Havnevik 04:16
Timeless Kate Havnevik 04:04
New Day Kate Havnevik 07:42
Velvet Aeroplane Schiller, Kate Havnevik 07:23
Unlike Me Kate Havnevik 04:42
Oasis Schiller, Kate Havnevik 05:08
New Day Kate Havnevik 04:00

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Born in Oslo, Norway on October 27, 1975, Kate Havnevik is an acclaimed songwriter, film composer, and vocalist. Initially interested in pursuing classical and jazz, by the time she was 14, she had joined an all-female punk band and began playing live gigs. She soon sought out a way to combine her love of classical music and modern technology. In order to help her find her own sound, she contacted several producers, including Guy Sigsworth (Frou Frou), who was known for his work with Björk, Imogen Heap, Madonna, Jem, and others. After a little persistence, Sigsworth agreed to meet with Havnevik, which led to a long-lasting musical collaboration. The first fruits of their labor was the 2006 album Melankton. The album featured the single “Unlike Me” as well as tracks like “Nowhere Warm” that were eventually used in various television shows. The album was released in Norway and the UK in 2006, the United States and Canada in 2007, and in 2010 in Poland. Each version of the album featured different bonus tracks. Havnevik then collaborated with producers Marius De Vries, Yoad Nevo, Carmen Rizzo, and Petter Haavik. She provided her vocals to tracks by Röyksopp, mono band (led by Noel Hogan from The Cranberries), and Britney Spears. In September, 2008, Havnevik released the Me EP. She followed that three years later with the album You, which was a crowd-funded release. Her next project was writing, producing, and orchestrating seven tracks for the 2013 Norwegian film Mormor og de 8 Ungene. In 2014, she released a compilation of remixes, demos, and rare tracks called Residue. Her next album, &i, was released in March, 2015 and included the single “Falling”.