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Wind Akeboshi 03:40
Yellow Moon Akeboshi 05:08
Wind(Live) Akeboshi 03:38
Night and Day Akeboshi 03:23
Kamisama no shitauchi Akeboshi 08:40
Yellow Moon Akeboshi 03:43
Hikyo No Sofa Akeboshi 05:02
Hey There Akeboshi 04:58
no wish Akeboshi 03:05
A Nine days' Wonder Akeboshi 05:12

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Night and Day
Hey There
no wish

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Versatile J-pop singer and composer Yoshio Akeboshi aka Akeboshi was born on July 1, 1978, in Yokohama, Japan and made a name for himself notably for his song "Wind," which was featured as an ending theme for the first season of the anime Naruto. He began learning the piano at 3, before moving onto the guitar and eventually studying music in Liverpool, UK, which helped to shape his future musical pursuits. He composed two tracks on Matsu Takako’s album A Piece of Me, released in September 2004. His own J-pop debut album, Akeboshi, was released in 2005 on Epic Records Japan and featured "Wind," with his second album, Meet Along the Way, coming two years later and featuring the tracks "Yellow Moon," "Village Stone," and "Mercury is Rising," among others. Akeboshi's third album, Roundabout, came out in June 2008, also via Japan's Epic Records, and collected previously unreleased live versions of several of his best hits. 2014 saw the release of new album After the rain clouds go, and he has amassed a number of mini-albums, including 2006's Yellow Moon, 2015's Koibitotachi, and 2019's A Little Boy.