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Heavy Lies The Crown Orange Goblin 06:18
Sabbath Hex Orange Goblin 04:47
(Not) Rocket Science Orange Goblin 04:21
Solarisphere Orange Goblin 06:11
The Wolf Bites Back Orange Goblin 04:27
Blue Snow Orange Goblin 04:25
Scorpionica Orange Goblin 03:16
Nuclear Guru Orange Goblin 06:18
Some You Win, Some You Lose Orange Goblin 03:21
Vagrant Stomp Orange Goblin 04:10

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Creating ferocious heavy metal thunder since the mid-1990s, Orange Goblin remain unashamedly lost in the golden era of grizzly British rock, indulging in heavy riffs and loud, blistering, bone rumbling grooves. Having just left school, the London friends fought off teenage boredom by forming the band in 1995 and set about emulating their 1970s rock heroes Black Sabbath and Deep Purple on debut album 'Frequencies from Planet Ten'.

Initially they were grouped in with the stoner rock acts of the time such as Sleep and Kyuss, but at heart they were always a boozy, boisterous, good-time metal act and they quickly became hard touring, festival regulars with albums 'Time Travelling Blues' and 'The Big Black'. They were often tagged as doom metal too, and the lyrics of front man Ben Ward also gave them Tolkien-esque vibes at times, while their 2007 album 'Healing Through Fire' was themed around the bubonic plague and the 1666 Great Fire of London. The 2012 album 'A Eulogy for the Damned' referenced the Hells Angel and the 1970s California drug scene.

Over the years they also toured with Alice Cooper, Doom and Corrosion of Conformity and, after celebrating their 20-year anniversary in 2015 with a series of typically scorching live shows, they released their ninth studio album 'The Wolf Bites Back' in 2018, featuring Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell.