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Verbana Cantoma, Hush Forever 04:56
Marisi Cantoma 06:44
The Mountain Cantoma 04:55
Cosmopole Cantoma 06:40
Talva Lumi Cantoma 04:28
Sea of Blue Cantoma 04:13
Katja Cantoma 06:00
Essarai (feat. Nicolaj Grandjean & Tanja Thulau) Cantoma, Nicolaj Grandjean, Tanja Thulau 05:50
Out of Town Cantoma 03:27
Pandajero Cantoma 05:25

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Cantoma is one of the musical aliases of Essex-born composer and electronic music producer Phil Mison, commonly associated with the Ibiza-born balearic beat scene. He cut his teeth as a warm-up DJ at London's storied Milk Bar in the early '90s – also known for hosting the likes of Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong – and after a fortuitous rendezvous with late balearic maestro José Padilla, bagged a two-year residency at Ibiza's iconic Café Del Mar. He dropped his debut DJ mix, Chillout: The Album, as Phil Mison in 1995, and went on to rack up a string of other compilations, before christening his Cantoma moniker with his first self-titled album in 2004. Another three downtempo Cantoma albums followed: 2010's Out of Town, 2016's Just Landed, and 2020's Into Daylight. A new Cantoma single surfaced in 2021, the chilled-out cut "To the Sea".