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Vundabar was formed by vocalist/guitarist Brandon Hagen and drummer Drew McDonald in 2013, while both teenagers were attending high school in Boston, Massachusetts. After adding bassist Zack Abramo to the lineup, the trio unveiled its sound — a blend of guitar-driven indie rock, punky spirit, and gritty dynamics — with the debut album Antics in 2013. A second full-length release, Gawk, followed two years later, showcasing a harder-hitting sound that nodded to the influence of fellow Boston-based hometown heroes the Pixies. Vundabar's members also launched their own label, Gawk Records, which allowed the group to retain its independence while continuing to increase its national profile. 2018's Smell Smoke marked the band's third full-length collection of discordant indie rock songs, with Vundabar continuing to produce its own material. Two years later, the group enlisted the help of an outside producer for the first time, working with Patrick Hyland on Either Light. The record was released in 2020, introducing an evolving sound that made room for new instruments like vibraphone, synthesizer, and a drum machine. After releasing the singles "Aphasia" and "Ringing Bell" in 2021, the group announced the impending release of a fifth album, Devil for the Fire, due out in February 2022.