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Got My Feeling Crazy Marlon 03:13
Le Festin (From "Ratatouille") Marlon, Mellow Strings 01:21
All Is Found (From "Frozen 2") Marlon, Flynn Bridgewater, Mellow Strings 01:21
Go The Distance (From "Hercules") Marlon 01:49
Winnie the Pooh (From "Winnie the Pooh") Marlon 01:27
Baby Mine (From "Dumbo") Marlon 01:31
Beauty And The Beast (From "Beauty And The Beast") Marlon 01:41
With A Smile And a Song (From "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs") Marlon 01:49
Fly To Your Heart (From "Tinker bell") Marlon 01:42
La La Lu (From "Lady And The Tramp") Marlon 01:23

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Marlon are a Spanish rock band from Asturias. Inspired by 80s Spanish pop acts such as Hombres G, Los Rodríguez, and Los Ronaldos, vocalist Adrián Roma, guitarist Juan Fernández, and bass player Jorge Diéguez began writing songs together and soon made their debut with the single “Todo Va a Ir Bien” in 2015, winning an award for Breakthrough of the Year a year later. Preceded by “Me Supo a Poco,” “Marzo en Febrero” with singer Ana Fernández, and its rollicking title track, their first studio album Cosas Que No Se Pagan Con Dinero arrived in 2018 and quickly became a fan favorite. By the time the singles “96” and “Volveré” came out in 2019, the band had already positioned themselves as one of the fastest-growing rock groups in Spain, playing sold-out shows throughout the country. In the years that followed, Marlon collaborated with Despistaos on the single “Quién Te Acompañará” (2020) and teamed up with pop-rock outfit Playa Cuberris for the tracks “Marte” (2020) and “Gigantes” (2021). That year, they also issued the single “De Perreo,” an acoustic pop ballad that peaked at Number 77 on the Spanish charts.