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Nothing but Trouble The Lazys 03:48
Rattle Them Bones The Lazys 03:30
Little Miss Crazy The Lazys 03:41
Half Mast Blues The Lazys 03:27
All Fired Up The Lazys 03:24
Picture Thieves The Lazys 02:47
Second hand Smoke The Lazys 04:13
Louder Than Youth The Lazys 03:07
Take Back the Town The Lazys 03:34
Can't Kill the Truth The Lazys 02:54

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Rattle Them Bones

von The Lazys


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Formed in Sydney, Australia in 2006, The Lazys is a hard rock band founded and led by vocalist Leon Harrison. The group also features guitarists Liam Shearer and Matt Morris, bassist Glenn Williams, and drummer Jay Braslin. The group began to play live locally but soon began to tour all across Australia. They released several EPs – including Tattooed Addiction (2007) and The Lazys (2009) – and became popular on the underground hard rock scene. They became to prominence with the release of their debut album, Prison Earth, in 2010. While the group began building an international reputation, they became hugely popular in Canada, where their second album, The Lazys, was released in 2014 (the album wasn’t released in Europe until 2015). The album featured musical assistance from Billy Talent guitarist Ian D’Sa, which helped bolster sales of the album. Thanks to the success of the album and the collaborations with D’Sa, The Lazys chose him to help create their next album, Tropical Hazards, which was released in 2018. The album, which included the single “Nothing but Trouble,” raised their profile even higher in Europe, yet the group’s biggest audience continued to be Canadians. The band toured internationally but were sidelined when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most of the touring industry. The band took a long break before playing a few festivals in 2022 and recording new material. In September 2023, The Lazys released the single “Rattle Them Bones,” their first new material in five years.