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Dove e quando Benji & Fede 03:10
Tutto per una ragione (feat. Annalisa) Benji & Fede, Annalisa 02:58
Tatuaggi Benji & Fede 03:13
Buona fortuna Benji & Fede 03:02
New York Benji & Fede 03:32
Moscow Mule Benji & Fede 03:01
Eres mía Benji & Fede, Xriz 03:31
Ogni volta Benji & Fede 02:54
Sale (feat. Shari) Benji & Fede, Shari 02:37
Forme geometriche (Addicted to You) [feat. Jasmine Thompson] Benji & Fede, Jasmine Thompson 03:05

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Good Vibes
Solo con te
Safari (feat. Nek)

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Singer and guitarist Benjamin Mascolo and singer Federico Rossi formed the Italian pop duo Benji & Fede in Milan in 2006 and garnered attention with recordings of romantic pop ballads with Spanish influences and reggaeton beats. Their debut album '20:05' came out in 2015 followed by '0+' in 2016. Their singles include 'Tutto Per una Ragione', 'Dove e Quandro', 'Adrelina' and 'Moscow Mule', which went to number eight on Billboard's LyricFind Global Chart in 2018. Their album 'Siamo Solo Noise' came out in 2018.