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Amal (Fortes d’espérer) Julie Zenatti, Chimène Badi 03:07
Zina (ici ou là-bas) Julie Zenatti, Chimène Badi 03:02
Adieu mon pays Julie Zenatti, Enrico Macias 04:12
Le dernier qui a parlé Julie Zenatti, Cabra Casey, Sofia Essaïdi, Samira Brahmia 02:51
Avinu Malkeinu Isulatine, Julie Zenatti 03:03
Mustapha Julie Zenatti, Lina El Arabi, Nawel Ben Kraiem 03:06
Et si en plus y'a personne Julie Zenatti, Samira Brahmia 03:22
L'Exil (Dromoi pou agapisa) Samira Brahmia, Elisa Tovati, Julie Zenatti 03:07
Au Café des délices Chimène Badi, Julie Zenatti 03:43
Beautiful Tango Julie Zenatti, Nawel Ben Kraiem, Sofia Essaïdi 03:08

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French singer Julie Zenatti (February 5, 1981) rose to prominence in the late 90s portraying Fleur-de-Lys in the musical comedy Notre-Dame de Paris. A soprano with a four-octave vocal range, Zenatti was born in Paris and was discovered singing at a karaoke event in 1994. She was quickly signed to EMI and recorded a handful of singles that never got to see the light of day, including a collaboration with Lenny Kravitz. In the following years, Zenatti lent her voice to the soundtrack of the animated series Princesse Starla et les Joyaux magiques (1995) and received an offer to represent France at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest, an invitation she ultimately declined. Towards the end of the decade, the singer made her stage debut on Luc Plamondon’s Notre-Dame de Paris, first as Fleur-de-Lys and then in the lead role of Esmeralda. Fragile, her debut album, arrived in 2000 and featured guest spots by Zazie, Calogero, and Luck Mervil. It also included the single “Si je m'en sors,” co-written by Zenatti’s husband Patrick Fiori, which peaked at Number 12 on the French Singles Chart. A second album titled Dans les Yeux d'Un Autre came out in 2002 and went gold after selling 110,000 copies in France, kicking off Zenatti’s first nationwide tour. Another gold record ensued with Comme Vous (2004), which reached Number 12 in France and featured contributions by Axel Bauer, Jean-Jacques Goldman, and Lionel Florence. Propelled by the Top 10 hit single “(Tango) Princesse,” fourth album La Boîte de Pandore spawned a circus-themed tour that took Zenatti on the road for over a year. After a brief stint as a coach on the first season of the reality show X Factor in 2009, the singer celebrated 10 years of career with Plus de Diva (2010), a symphonic pop album orchestrated by Frédéric Château. Subsequently, Zenatti made a comeback with 2015’s Blanc, hitting Number 13 on the French charts, and dropped Refaire Danser les Fleurs, her seventh full-length, in 2021.