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Ti Imouna Gia Sena Antonis Remos 03:06
Monos Mou Antonis Remos 03:06
Ma De Ginete Antonis Remos 04:03
To Risko Antonis Remos 03:21
Poso Thelo Antonis Remos, Mente Fuerte 03:50
I Kardia Me Pigainei Emena Antonis Remos 03:28
Xilia Spirta Antonis Remos 03:42
Rotane Antonis Remos 03:46
Lene Antonis Remos 03:44
Otan Se Rotisane Antonis Remos 03:49

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Antonis Remos was born Antonios Paschalidis in Düsseldorf, Germany, in June 1970 and spent his early years there before moving back with his family to their home country of Greece.

His music career had modest beginnings, with the singer performing in a local bar at 17. After singing for locals for a number of years he made the leap to performing in Athens, debuting there alongside fellow performers Dimitris Mitropanos, Stefanos Korkolis and Marios Tokas in 1995. That same year he signed a record deal with Sony Music and his self-titled debut album followed in 1996. The record performed well, going platinum within the year and beginning in earnest a career that's now into its third decade.

Over the next few years Antonis collaborated with composers Christos Nikolopoulos and Stamatis Spanoudakis along with songwriter Antonis Andrikikis to record two albums, 'Kairos Na Pame Parakato' (1998) and 'Pali Ap'Tin Arhi' (1999).

In 2002 Antonis met composer and producer Giorgos Theophanous, beginning one of the most fruitful creative relationships of his career. The pair went on to collaborate on three albums: 2002's triple-platinum 'Kardia Mou Min Anisiheis', 2003's platinum-selling 'Mia Anapnoi' and 2005's platinum 'San Anemos'.

In Winter 2006 Antonis began another lasting partnership, performing alongside Marinella as she returned to music after a long period away. The pair performed a number of concerts over the next couple of years, including shows attracting large crowds at Athens Arena.

Over the next few years Antonis toured at length, appearing with Onirama in 2007, performing internationally with Sakis Rouvas, touring solo in Europe and doing a five-month stint of shows at Athens Arena in 2009.

In the 2010s Antonis began casting a wider net with his collaborations, performing with Julio Inglesias, Gloria Gaynor, Danny Brialliant, Zeljko Joksimovic and Gipsy Kings.