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What's Up - InVersions 90s Oscar Anton 02:53
nuits d'été (feat. MAJAN) Oscar Anton, Clementine, Majan 03:53
nuits d'été Oscar Anton, Clementine 03:27
bye bye Oscar Anton 03:18
ophelie Oscar Anton 03:56
minuit Clementine, Oscar Anton 03:45
reflet Oscar Anton, Clementine 03:04
lighthouse Oscar Anton 02:18
Psychopath Anaïs, Oscar Anton 03:12
si rose Oscar Anton, Voyou 03:28

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Postcard from NYC

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Hi, I’m Oscar. I wanted to be a pro surfer but that didn’t work out so I make music instead. You’ll probably notice a french accent, and I’m 98% sure it’s because I’m french and live in Paris. Girls think it’s cute tho so .. I record, produce and mix everything in my bedroom. Please stream as much as you can so that I can buy a fancy ass studio and leave my parent’s apartment. They would definitely thank you. This year I decided to put myself up for a big challenge tho: I’m releasing one postcard, a single and a bonus, from a new country and with a new artist every month! Soooo that means that I’m finally getting out of my bedroom ahah I’m traveling and meeting new people, it’s really fun :) Also, I’m on a European tour. I can't wait to finally party with you all!