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Brazil Declan McKenna 04:12
Brazil Declan McKenna 04:14
The Key to Life on Earth Declan McKenna 04:06
Isombard Declan McKenna 03:43
Why Do You Feel So Down Declan McKenna 03:40
British Bombs Declan McKenna 04:57
Make Me Your Queen Declan McKenna 03:41
Beautiful Faces Declan McKenna 03:16
Humongous Declan McKenna 05:21
Listen to Your Friends Declan McKenna 04:18

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Born December 24, 1988, British
singer/songwriter Declan McKenna weds an indie rock sonic approach to socially
conscious, often politically charged lyrics, an approach that has led some to
tag him with the label “voice of a generation”. Choosing to abandon higher
studies for a music career, McKenna won the Emerging Talent Competition at the
2015 Glastonbury Festival, and used that momentum to release his debut single, “Brazil”.
The track addressed the corruption of FIFA, the international governing body of
soccer and organizers of the World Cup, and became an alt-rock hit. A pair of
EPs followed the next year, as well as singles like “Paracetamol”, which
detailed the struggles of transgender teens, and “Isombard”, which
took shots at the influence of right-wing media. His 2017 debut LP, What Do
You Think About the Car?
, won him the BBC Music Award for BBC Introducing
Artist of the Year. Celebrity did not blunt his political stances, as proven by
the 2019 single “British Bombs”, a critique of his country’s approach to
foreign policy. In 2020 he issued “Beautiful Faces”, the lead single for
his sophomore album, Zeros, which came out later that year.