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New Love LE YOUTH, Sultan + Shepard, Panama 04:16
Chills LE YOUTH 04:19
Underwater LE YOUTH 04:57
Unattached LE YOUTH 04:12
C O O L LE YOUTH 03:34
Waves LE YOUTH 04:04
Skipping Stones Sultan + Shepard, LE YOUTH 04:16
Underwater LE YOUTH 03:44
Stay (feat. Karen Harding) LE YOUTH, KAREN HARDING 03:29
Walk Away LE YOUTH 02:52

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Wes James, better known as Le Youth, is an Ohio-born, LA-based DJ and producer who jumped into the spotlight in the early 2010s with his innovative blend of ‘90s house music and R&B. Born in 1985, James started out playing drums in high school bands and soon discovered electronic music, which led him to experiment with synths, sequencers, and drum machines. Shortly after relocating to Los Angeles, James released his debut single, “C O O L,” in 2013. The track, which featured a sample of Cassie Ventura’s “Me & U,” reached Number 8 on the UK Dance charts and helped him land a record deal with Ultra Records. James followed up with “Dance with Me,” a collaboration with rapper Dominique Young Unique that peaked at Number 11 on the UK Singles chart. In the following years, he teamed up with singers Tay Beckham and Ava Max for “Boomerang” (2016) and “Clap Your Hands” (2017), respectively. “Stay,” his 2018 joint effort with UK dance vocalist Karen Harding, received rave reviews in the EDM blogosphere and accumulated millions of plays across streaming platforms. Subsequently, James took a break from vocal collaborations to release the instrumental EPs Aquiver (2019) and Swimming/&. (2020).