Mindfulness | Calm & relaxing background music

Light relaxing background music for meditation, yoga and calm studying – A compilation of smooth meditation sounds that guarantee perfect concentration and best sleep moments.


River Flows in You See Siang Wong 02:49
Bluebird Alexis Ffrench 03:24
Imagine 2CELLOS 02:59
Scintillations Piano Novel 02:44
Jacob and the Stone Emile Mosseri 01:38
Lazaro (Solo Piano Version) Francesco Tristano 03:20
Faded Reflection Hugar 02:29
Of Time 2 (JS Bach Variation) Olivia Belli 02:49
Hello Rocks (from Hoa - Original Soundtrack) Johannes Johansson 02:46
andata Lavinia Meijer 02:37
Summer Solstice Goldbæk 02:59
If The Wind Stops (Calm Version) Florian Christl 04:04
Hidden Woodland (Solo Piano Version) Piano Novel 03:14
The Unforgettable Dirk Maassen 05:59
Respiro 1 Olivia Belli 03:08
Resolutions Goldbæk 02:57
Dew and Spiderwebs Hauschka 02:12
On a Still Night Goldbæk 02:35
When the Bells Ring Alexis Ffrench 02:18
Memory Hideyuki Hashimoto, Hiroco.M 01:49
Memories of the Moldau (After "Vltava", JB 1:112/2; T.111) Louis Philippson 03:03
Poetic Entity (Solo Piano Version) Piano Novel 03:43
Ego Alban Claudin 03:33
Water Circle Hideyuki Hashimoto, Hiroco.M 02:13
Stay Goldbæk 02:35
Promenade Patrick Hamilton 02:32
Demon Slayer: Nezuko Theme Louis Philippson 03:51
Song on the Beach Arcade Fire, Owen Pallett 03:35
Overflowing Michael geldreich 02:43
Nocturne IV Olivia Belli 03:16