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What's Your Type (Inspired By "Jujutsu Kaisen") Daddyphatsnaps, Pe$o Pete, Ty Wild 03:52
The Batman (Vengeance) Daddyphatsnaps, GoldenEMP 03:38
Legend Daddyphatsnaps 03:44
Invincible Rap Daddyphatsnaps, Fabvl 03:46
The GOAT (Whitebeard) Daddyphatsnaps 04:21
Over The Top (Baki) Daddyphatsnaps, Frazer 03:15
Dabi Rap (Fallen) Daddyphatsnaps, McGwire 03:56
Alucard Rap Daddyphatsnaps 04:12
Arise (Solo Leveling) Daddyphatsnaps 03:54
Thorfinn Rap Daddyphatsnaps, Chi-Chi 04:05

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