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Fallen From Grace (Itachi) (feat. Johnald) Rustage, Johnald 03:47
Pirate King Rustage 02:44
OP Rustage 02:39
Never Giving In (Ichigo Rap) (feat. GoldenEMP) Rustage, GoldenEMP 03:32
Command (Makima Rap) (feat. Saa) Rustage, Saa 03:06
Blood (Alucard Rap) (feat. TOPHAMHAT-KYO) Rustage, TOPHAMHAT-KYO 03:17
Pineapple Juice (feat. LulunaRina) (Extended Version) Rustage, LulunaRina 03:18
Running (Minato) (feat. Ben Schuller) Rustage, Ben Schuller 03:19
Lost In the Night (Chainsaw Man) (feat. Jonathan Young) Rustage, Jonathan Young 03:51
Running in Blind (Gojo Rap) (feat. McGwire) Rustage, McGwire 03:07

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