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Five Pence Game is the collaborative DIY side project of Ally Morton (Massa Confusa) from Durham, UK (formerly based in Newcastle, UK but now based in Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain). Taking influence from the likes of UNKLE, Your Code Name Is: Milo's ‘Print Is Dead’ project, and Massive Attack; Ally invites artists to co-write tracks in his studio. The songs themselves are recorded in the moment, usually in 1-3 sessions, with little or no preparation. Musicians and vocalists sometimes bring lyrics, a riff, or nothing at all. Ally composes tracks around what is recorded in the session, chopping, looping, manipulating, and often altering the contributors’ original idea. He also does Internet collaborations. Ally primarily performs FPG material as a solo musician with live bass and guitar looping, mixing and samples, but has also performed three full band shows. On November 2nd 2018 and January 19th 2019 FPG released two video singles, Motionless feat. FYB and Red Sun Smiles feat. Jackie Purver, which feature on the latest album ‘Formoterol’.