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Jean Tonique

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J'aime les filles - Souvenirs d'été Jean Tonique 04:26
Flawless Jean Tonique, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue, Adeline 03:10
Something to Talk About Jean Tonique, Keyone Starr 03:55
The Party Jean Tonique, Dabeull 03:20
Lit Up Jean Tonique, Dirty Radio 03:42
Un rêve à deux Jean Tonique, Bleu Platine 03:21
Paréo Jean Tonique 04:02
ok Warner case, Jean Tonique 03:10
Guest Jean Tonique, Iris 03:44
No Worries Jean Tonique, Larry Houl 05:00

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The true funky disco of the 21st century, Jean Tonique is the master of French filter house sound. Behind the clouds of recent hard techno and dub step are the sweet beats of this young DJ who will capture your ears and make you jump off your feet. Whether it be old funk samples re-edited in a modern upbeat sauce or today’s rock classics made ready for the dancefloor, Jean Tonique surprises by his ongoing creativity and skill. Your conversation on his clever cocktail–sounding name will quickly be interrupted by the strong beats and powerful vocals of the DJs secret music recipe. Jean Tonique’s club appearances have enthrilled the crowd and delighted the demanding Parisian ears.