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When the Sun Goes Down on My Side of Town Noiz Madax 02:15
Ava (Sped Up) - This World Is Primal, My Grinding Jaw Madax 03:13
Here with Me (Sped Up) - I Don't Care How Long It Takes as Long as I'm with You Madax 03:23
I Wish (Sped Up) - Hello? I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller I Wish I Wish I Was a Baller Madax 02:44
Viva La Vida (Sped Up) - For Some Reason I Can't Explain Madax 02:59
Daylight (Sped Up) - Oh I Love It and I Hate It at the Same Time Madax 02:44
Accidentally in Love (Sped Up) - So She Said Whats the Problem Baby? Madax 02:32
GUY.Exe (Sped Up) - 6 Feet Tall and Super Strong Madax 03:08
Rude (Sped Up) - Can I Have Your Daughter for the Rest of My Life Madax 01:55
Sex, Drugs, Etc. (Sped Up) - Romanticized Life, Floating on My Lowkey Vibe Madax 02:52

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