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Confidence (Sped Up) - It's All About Confidence Baby Madax 01:45
Ava (Sped Up) - This World Is Primal, My Grinding Jaw Madax 03:13
Chasin You (Sped Up) - Still Doing Now, What I Was Doing Then - Burning Going Down Madax 02:43
A Bar Song (Tipsy Sped Up) - One, Here Comes the Two to the Three to the Four Madax 02:06
Rude (Sped Up) - Can I Have Your Daughter for the Rest of My Life Madax 01:55
Cupid's Chokehold (Sped Up) - Take a Look at My Girlfriend Madax 03:15
Good Girls Bad Guys (Sped Up) - So Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys, I Had This Question for a Real Long Time Madax 01:44
Home (Sped Up) - Alabama Arkansas I Do Love My Ma and Pa Madax 03:48
Iris (Sped Up) - And I don't Want the World To See Me - I'd give up forever to touch you Madax 03:27
Animals (Sped Up) - Yeah You Can Start over You Can Run Free Madax 03:01

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