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Under the Influence (Sped Up) - Your Body Language Speaks to Me Hiko 02:03
In the Middle of the Night (Sped Up) - Just Call My Name Hiko 02:47
Mr. Wrong (Sped Up) - Me and Mr. Wrong Get Along so Good Hiko 03:07
Bloody Mary (Sped Up) - I'll Dance Dance Dance with My Hands Hands Hands Hiko 03:06
Until I Found You (Sped Up) - Heaven When I Held You Again How Could We Ever Just Be Friends Hiko 02:03
Kill Bill (Sped Up) - I Might Kill My Ex Hiko 02:07
The Color Violet (Sped Up) - I Took My Drugs and Took My Lovin' Hiko 03:06
Give Your Heart a Break (Sped Up) - When Will You Realize, Baby I'm Not Like the Rest Hiko 02:39
Save Your Tears (Sped Up) - I Saw You Dancing in a Crowded Room Hiko 02:37
The One That Got Away (Sped Up) - Summer After High School When We First Met Hiko 03:09

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