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On The Beach York 03:17
On The Beach York 05:42
On The Beach York 02:53
Farewell To The Moon (Mixed) York 03:01
The Awakening York 08:06
On The Beach 2013 [Mix Cut] York 02:33
On The Beach Lesson Number 1 06:44
On the Beach (Mix Cut) York 02:38
The Awakening 2018 York, Scot & Millfield 03:26
Iceflowers York 06:05

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Specializing in Electronica, Chillout and Trance with an organic twist, German duo York is a collaboration between two brothers, Torsten and Jörg Stenzel. 
 Founded in 1997 the project is considered a pioneer within guitar-driven electronic music. While Torsten handles production Jörg delivers most of the guitar parts, often cited as one of the main factors behind the duo's considerable success. 
 York's first release The Awakening became a massive chart succes when released in 98. In 99, the brothers Stenzel released On The Beach, a cover of the old Chris Rea tune. The move proved a shrewd one, with On The Beach making it into the top five on the U.K. singles chart. Concurrent York was featured on ATB's popular trance single The Fields Of Love. 
 York's early hit singles, Reachers Of Civilisation included, were collected on their 2001 debut album Experience. A second album, Peace, followed in 2005. Reissued in 2006 as a double album including the single ‘Mercury Rising’. 
 By 2007, Torsten decided to move his family to Antigua. Naturally this led to York becoming more of a solo project, though the brothers continued to collaborate on some tracks. 
 2012 saw the release of the album Islanders. Heavily influenced by the sounds of the Caribbean it featured a plethora of guest artists, including Mike Oldfield and Jennifer Paige. 
 York's fourth album, Traveller, was released in 2016. Featuring renown electronic acts such as Rank 1, Ferry Tayle, Ayla and Taucher.