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Converse Condition Analepsy 03:18
Stretched and Devoured Analepsy, Angel Ochoa 04:38
Edge of Chaos Analepsy 04:39
Elapsing Permanence Analepsy, Wilson Ng 03:09
Accretion Collision Analepsy 03:20
Impending Subversion Analepsy 03:29
Locus of Dawning Analepsy 04:50
Quiescence Analepsy 03:34
Fractured Continuum Analepsy 03:11
Spasmodic Dissonance Analepsy, Ricky Myers 03:16

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Analepsy is a Portuguese slamming brutal death metal band based in Lisbon, Portugal. Their sound can be described as a crossover between old-school brutal death metal and modern melodic elements. Frequently asked question: The correct pronunciation of the name of the band is "uh-nuh-lep-sy" [ʌnʌ'lepsi], and it was chosen due to its (now obsolete) meaning: recovery of strength after an illness.