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Olalla Blanco White 04:08
Treasure I Once Held Blanco White 04:01
On the Other Side Blanco White 04:57
Colder Heavens Blanco White 03:56
Papillon Blanco White 03:59
All That Matters Blanco White 04:12
The Lily Blanco White 04:14
Kauai O'o Blanco White 05:53
I Belong to You Blanco White 03:55
Colder Heavens Blanco White 04:33

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Blanco White is the solo project of London native Josh Edwards (born on June 21, 1991), whose masterful blend of world music with folk and pop dazzles with its depth and gravitas. Enchanted by the haunting sound of flamenco, Edwards moved to Cádiz, Spain for a couple of months to study classical guitar with Nono García, a renowned master of the instrument. He then moved to Sucre, Bolivia, to learn to play the charango, a traditional Andean instrument. In 2016 and 2017, he released his first two EPs: The Wind Rose and Colder Heavens, which marry Andalusian and Latin American folk with his unique blend of songwriting, with subtle flourishes of ambient music. By the time Edwards released Nocturne, his third EP, he was already embarking on a tour throughout the US and Europe playing sold-out shows. His debut album, On the Other Side, was released in June 2020. Five singles had been released preceding it: “On the Other Side,” “Papillon,”“Desert Days,” “Samara,” and “Mano a Mano.”