Deezer with Waze

Your ride. Your vibe. With the Deezer player inside the Waze app, listening to your tunes on the road has never been easier. Seamlessly access your Flow, your Favourite Tracks and your Recently Played tracks - and switch between the two apps in one tap. Available now on iOS and Android.


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Deezer with CarPlay

One of the best ways to enjoy Deezer on your iPhone is while you are on the go. With Deezer on CarPlay you can enjoy your playlists, mixes, albums and Flow in select cars and car stereos. Available from iOS 7.1. Apple CarPlay is the smart, safe way to enjoy Deezer while driving.

Deezer on Android Auto

Leave your phone in the glove compartment and let Deezer be your travel buddy with Android Auto: access Flow, all your playlists, mixes and favorite albums directly from your dashboard. Deezer is available for Android 5.0. on a selection of car and car stereos.


Access a world of music directly from your BMW dashboard. With the Online Entertainment package, listen to all your songs and playlists without limits wherever you go.


Get your musical kicks on the road with Deezer for MINI Connected. The MINI Joystick makes it easy to browse Deezer via your iPhone.

Deezer for MirrorLink via RockScout

It's safe and it's simple. With Deezer for MirrorLink, access Flow and all your other music using only your dashboard. Available in a selection of cars and car radios with compatible Android mobiles, via the RockScout app.

Fiat 500X

Access Deezer, even from your car, with the new Uconnect LIVE system for Fiat 500X. Your albums, your playlists, your recommendations, mixes, all along for the ride. Deezer is your copilot with the Uconnect LIVE onboard system.



Parrot ASTEROID Classic, Parrot ASTEROID Mini, Parrot ASTEROID Tablet, Parrot ASTEROID Smart

Check out the Parrot ASTEROID range, the latest generation car radios with integrated Deezer. Enjoy your favourite albums and playlists in superior audio quality and make each moment on the road a pleasure.

Jeep Renegade

Take driving to new dimensions with the new Uconnect LIVE system for Jeep Renegade. Your recommendations, mixes, your albums, your playlists: Deezer is always along for the ride.