High Fidelity sound
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Available for all users with a paid subscription.

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What does HiFi quality on Deezer mean?

High Fidelity sound

Listen to FLAC music in High Fidelity sound as if you were right in the recording studio.

Cross-device listening

Stream FLAC music across all your devices including the desktop app, web player, iOS, Android, and Xbox.

Millions of FLAC tracks

Browse an expansive catalogue of FLAC tracks in all genres and moods.

High-end sound system compatibility

Enjoy crystal clear music on your home sound system.

Deluxe music experience

Exclusive early access to 360 Reality Audio tracks in our 360 by Deezer application.

Other features included with HiFi listening

Access our special HiFi Room with our HiFi editors. Get immersed in the sound with lossless, CD quality music streaming.

Technically better in every way

With High Fidelity sound, you get lossless, CD quality music streaming - you'll be able to experience music you love as if you were right in the recording studio.

Made for your home

FLAC music was designed to shine on exceptional sound systems. Fill your home with incredible sound with devices from any of our partners:

Apple HomePod

Bang & Olufsen


Control 4


Google Home





Moon by Simaudio




Xbox One

Available on devices supporting:

360 by Deezer

Spatial sound

A first-look into new music technology known as 360 Reality Audio.

A Deezer exclusive

An app exclusively for Deezer's paying users who have lossless sound quality.

360 Reality Audio universe

Check out new releases in an ever-growing catalogue of 360 Reality Audio tracks.


Hear Abbey Road as it's meant to be heard

"You can hear the drums, which got dialed down in the old days."

Ringo Starr, Billboard Magazine


What is lossless quality?

Music files are typically compressed to provide you with faster streaming. With all Deezer's paying plans, you get High Fidelity sound - that means you get music files encoded in lossless format (16-bit, 1,411 Kbps). Essentially, lossless quality is crystal clear, CD-quality audio.

How many tracks can I listen to on HiFi?

We offer one of the largest collections on HiFi with around 90M tracks.

Does Deezer use 24-bit quality?

The highest audio quality available to HiFi listeners is 16-bit FLAC. That's the same quality as a physical CD, and it includes all the sounds that the human ear can hear/perceive.

Can I listen to HiFi from any app?

You can access HiFi across all your devices, from the desktop app and web player to any iOS or Android smartphone. HiFi is also directly integrated on Xbox, Chromecast, Sonos, and other devices. Please visit our Devices page to see all devices that are compatible with HiFi listening.

Is 360 Reality Audio listening included in my plan?